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In the Zone before birth

Development of perceptions and reactive patterns

The months prior to conception and before birth is a time of deep spiritual focus, and  education for parents and child.

The actual meaning of conception is to bring about or create a form from the quantum energy the heavenly realms. Once the idea of re3turn is conceived, energy collects and  acquires more vibrational layers of form. These vibrating patterns  of being are the emotional, psychological, spiritual and lastly the physical bodies. It is these energy fields that create the psycho-spiritual levels and the emotional energy that envelopes the creation of the physical form of the fertilized egg.

Once conceived, this being becomes increasingly susceptible to energetic thought forms projected towards it from the parents as well as community. These thoughts, fears energies become part of its energetic bodies. These forms may manifest or remain in un-manifested form through the life of the being. The soul comes again on a mission to fulfill its destiny, as an even more loving being then it ever knew. Each soul acquires energetic patterns of wellness, success, temperament, intelligence, cravings, longings and talents, moods. When the soul is in its acquisition phase, it is very susceptible to thought and feelings projects towards it.

At conception, the soul requires the acceptance of its parental energies to create its unique physical form and to coalesce more energetic layers needed for this next earth experience. The soul will then become an organized form a fertilized cell. When it accepted this organized state is agreeing to accept a variety of hopes, feelings, prejudices, awareness, health consciousness, spiritual challenges and language and gifts and perceptions from its parents. This agreement is not recognized consciously by any of the three people involved, but many of the prejudices, beliefs, attitudes, thought and behavioral patterns and preferences come from this stage of life in the

Zone of Contracts.

The parents to be can have a very positive effect on this returning being through their conscious healthy living practices. These mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual practices will inspire and support the highest energetic development in the child. These practices will also harmonize the parents energy with each other and form the best heavenly cradle possible for this soul.

The Zone of Contracts is also very important for those adults who wish to harmonizes energies from their past, rid themselves of old wounds and traumas and are ready to be birthed into the whole loving being ready for their unique mission on this earth.

You acceptance and awareness of your basic contracts can you can lead you and your child to a happy, healthy and more peaceful life. Once  laid down these energetic patterns can be modified to improve your health and success in life.

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