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Mind controls our perceptions

The mind controls the way we perceive a situation.

To look through our eyes at an interaction between a speaker’s interaction with his audience.

If we see the speaker alone on stage and notice thaat khe takes time to mingle with the group, one may feel he is very warm and caring about his audience.

However if we see the same speaker with body guars standing in front of the speakers platform and the person never associates with his audience except during demonstrations and leaves before the final song is done. One may feel he is rather stand offish and uncaring.

Or another person may notice the speakers guards and observe he doesn’t interact with his helpers or his audience and leave early, but makes no judgment about the character of the speaker.

These are a few of the reactive patterns participants in the speakers workshop may have to the hands off policy of the presenter.

Our reactive response is conditioned by the emotional overload we carry from our past. Many of our reactions have been inculcated within our being before birth.

You will never be a free agent living harmoniously with himself and others until you become aware of these patterns and repattern or reprogram them for positive supportive being in the present living.

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