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Increase Calmness feel peaceful in my own skin

Calmness grows by learning and appreciating our own values and skills. If each of us felt a little bit better in some way about ourselves daily the world change for the better, Learning to follow that quiet voice from within  helps us develop confidence in our ability to follow the path best for us.Practice

Practice 1-Affirmation

Every day affirm ” I am more peaceful every day. I make decisions calmly and without judgement. I am free to be me. I am grateful.”

Practice 2 -Moon Peace and Calm

At night find a quiet spot outside or near an open window when the weather permits.

Find a comfortable spot to sit where you can view the moon without obstruction.

Sit p straight  and comfortably vocuse your attention on the moon.

Relax your breath and breathing from deep within your belly.

On every in breath feel the light and energy from the moon move into every cell of your being.

On every exhaled breath, close your eyes and release all tension.

Continue this process until you feel yourself absorbed  in the energy of the moon. Then close your eyes and focus your attention between your eye brows and follow the light.

As you repeat this exercise over time you will reach deeper peace, more calmness and deeper awareness.

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