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Dedicated to all those who want to learn and share ways to decrease anxiety and worry and be more relaxed. Being calmer reduces the strain on the body and keeps us healthy. For 37 years I’ve been been helping people of all ages reduce their emotional overload and find a more peaceful zone to live in.

Feel free to add your ways to stress-less and join our group.

Today let us relax by breathing in colors

1. Sit in a comfortable chair, or lay on a bed or the couch.

2. Visualize the color of the sky when it is clear and beautifully blue.

3. Let yourself breathe in the blue color through all parts of your body.

4. Now breathe the color slowly in and out through an area of yor body that feels unhappy.

5. Continue breathing slowly in and out until you find yourself merging with the blue and release the discomfort you were feeling.

6. Smile, feel grateful and relax.

Sunflower Relaxation

Sit quietly in your favorite quiet space.
Focus on a the flower of your choice.
Breathe deeply and relax.
Gently breath in the energy of the flower–its color, shape…
Then close your eyes.
Feel the energy of the flower inside you.
Where do you feel the essence of it inside yourself.

Relax and be with the peace.
Bring the flower and its energy to rest inside of you.
When you begin to feel stress, remember your flower and breathe in its energy again.

Greeting the Sun

Begin your day with this yoga exercise to bring light and energy into your body.

If there is a movement you can not do for health or pregnancy reasons do the exercise slowly visualizing yourself doing it in your mind.


Meditation Videos for your relaxation and increasing your peace of mind.

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