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$10,000 box of organic crackers

Posted on: December 27, 2008

Woman uses a box of crackers  as  a piggy bank.47e19cd5b052f

In Irvine, California a box of organic crackers was worth its weight in gold. Debra Rogoff bought a box of Annie’s Sour Cream and Onion Cheddar Bunny crackers When the daughter opened it she for a big surprise inside. No not insects or toys, but $$$. There was a plain white envelope stuffed with $10,000.
Yet Debra Rogoff was more curious than ecstatic about her daughter’s find.

‘This is someone’s money,'” … she told her daughter. “We would never feel good about spending it.”
So the family called police and was told that the money might be part of a drug drop.
Then store managers at Whole Foods in Tustin called the police to see if anyone turned in a certain box of crackers. It seems that an elderly woman was in their store a few days earlier, hysterical because she had mistakenly returned the wrong box of crackers with her life savings inside!

In a mix-up the store restocked the box rather than composting it.
The elderly Lake Forest woman had lost faith in her bank and decided the box would be a safer place for the money. Fortunately, the box of Annie’s Sour Cream and Onion Cheddar Bunny crackers were bought by the Rogoffs, who discovered the crisp $100 bills in an unmarked white envelope on Oct. 10, 2008.

Remember no good deed goes unrewarded?
The Rogoffs never heard from the woman or receive a reward from her, but Rogoff continues to be sent good thoughts and wishes from those who read this post.

Every good deed helps everyone else. Thanks Debra for inspiring us all to act to our highest potential.


The Orange County Register,

Image courtesy of Annie’s

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