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If you’re feeling down so am I. Why?

Posted on: July 26, 2008

From the latest research on brain cells, comes a glimmer more of understanding for how we can sense another’s pain or joy. This would also help us understand why we sense when another person is not being totally honest with us.

It seems some brain neurons have the ability to sense another person’s emotions. This may be part of the mechanism for how we learn both emotional and kinesthetic responses like bouncing a ball, crying at a happy ending or sensing one half a world away the pain of someone in crisis.

Do mirror neurons help bring us closer to a better understanding of shared conscious experiences?

“Researchers at UCLA  found that cells in the human anterior cingulate gyrus (part of the older portion of your brain -editor’s note), which normally fire when you poke the patient with a needle (“pain neurons”), will also fire when the patient watches another patient being poked. The mirror neurons, it would seem, dissolve the barrier between self and others…Dissolving the “self vs. other” barrier is the basis of many ethical systems, especially eastern philosophical and mystical traditions. This research implies that mirror neurons can be used to provide rational rather than religious grounds for ethics (although we must be careful not to commit the is/ought fallacy).”


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